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Applications for Summer Camp Now Open!

It’s summer once again and those moving on to university will have this one chance to give high school life a proper farewell with a slew of activities only available at a summer camp!

We are opening applications for those who are interested in spending summer in a variety of fun and meaningful ways. This Summer Camp will offer tons of activities, workshops and events that will ensure a lifetime of memories for those who will soon be moving on to higher pursuits of learning.

The best part of summer camp is spending a huge amount of time in the great outdoors. Our camp is located three hours from the city, in a wooded area beside a river with lots of hiking paths and camping grounds. Not only that, our camp counsellors are also trained in various activities like kite making, woodwork, pottery, orienteering, nature walks and night hikes.

Counsellors will encourage everyone to be more active with early morning trail runs through scenic routes up and down the valley, swimming sessions in the river that includes a hike to the falls, and team sports like football and volleyball.

Lodgings are situated in sturdily built cottages big enough to house four persons. Shower areas are clean and well-lit. There are also indoor activities like tabletennis, billiards, darts and foosball for those who are inclined.

The three week summer camp also boasts of a working farm and kitchen system that lets participants fulfill farm chores, harvest produce from the organic vegetable garden, and take turns preparing meals under the guidance of special guest chefs from some of Sydney’s top hotels and restaurants.

At the end of the camp season, all participants come together for one huge dinner under the stars, with music, dancing and a whole lot of fun. This would be a great culminating activity and send-off for those heading to university in the fall.

Interested persons need to apply through the online form found at the bottom of this announcement. Just click on it to bring up the form and make sure to put in all necessary information. You may within the week to avail of our early bird rates at a 10% discount. Otherwise, deadline for payment is on 10 October 2015.

Removals and Storage of Classroom Furniture

This post is dedicated to a removals company that helps us relocate and store our classroom furniture at the end of each camp period. Without their help, it would be very difficult for us to organise such logistics. To top it off, they did it at a very good price. So if anyone is looking for a removalists, then they are highly recommended. We know it sounds like a sales pitch, but they scratched our back so why not scratch theirs!

Many of you are wondering what happens to our furniture arrangement at the end of each camp. Some of you might also notice that some worn furniture are replaced with new ones, or at the very least with donated ones. As we hire the space out for not for profit organisations, every year we need to store the majority of our furniture. So we ended up using the service of a removalists. After each camp session, every year, we get Crusader Removals to help us with the relocation and storage of the unused furniture.

We are currently experiencing an increase in the number of participants in our camps, so we will most likely be in need of more furniture to cater for everyone. As we are running on a low budget, it may cause us a problem in the future. But then again, we think it’s a good problem to have. It is telling us that our program is growing in popularity and it is clearly showing that our program is proving to be very beneficial to those who attend.

We would also like to take the opportunity to announce that we are now taking reservations for not for profit organisations to hire our space for any length of time. Even if you need the class for a couple of hours, we can cater that. Just get in contact with one of our participants to pass on your contact details to us. Spaces do fill up pretty quick, so get in early! We only allow a limited number of bookings, so more reason to get in early to avoid disappointment. Our class and the surrounding environment provides an ideal setting for most occasions.

New Timber Flooring Installed

You would of remembered our last post about the new roof, well this time around we wanted to say thank you to another local business for installing timber flooring in our admin building. Although we did have a temporary fix with a second hand carpet, the timber flooring will provide us with the more permanent solution. Not that we are not satisfied with the carpet fitting but the durability of the timber will give us more options to what we can use the room for. For example for our tap dancing class etc.

We did consider installing it before the temporary fix (carpet), but when we were looking for timber flooring installers in Perth we found out that it was out of reach when you look at the price. Though we completely agree that you get what you pay for. Timber is a very high quality product, so we had no doubt that its a good investment in the long run but we just didn’t have enough funding after spending some of the budgeted amount on other things.

The local business that helped us out reached out after seeing our first post about the burnt roof and the rest is history. They called us up and wondered if they can help out by giving us a discounted price for the timber materials and also, on top of that, they offered us free labour! It’s hard to believe isn’t it? We ask what they wanted in return and their answer was nothing! They wanted to do it to help out the community.. whole heartedly.

After talking a bit more to the business owners, it turned out that both of them had kids who attended our centre in the past! They wanted to show how grateful they are of what we are doing and that their kids are proof that the program does really work.

We are forever grateful for all of the help we’ve received in the last couple of months. People from all walks of life had been very generous.

Burnt Roof Repaired In Time

As some of you would know, our admin building was damaged by the recent fire last summer. Although most of the part has been fully rebuilt, form ground up, the building’s roof still needed work to be done.  Well, we are glad that announce that the roof has been fully restored since last summer and to be honest it looks better than ever!

How much did it set us back you might ask? Nothing, zilch! Seriously? Yes! How did we get the job done for free? Well, thanks for the support of a local roof restoration business – it was made possible. But we will forever be very grateful to this business. So visit their site and support them in return whole heartedly. Just as they did with us.

old roof photo

With the roof being restored just in time, it allows us to run as per the original schedule. This will avoid any rescheduling of class/activities time which may cause difficulty to many parents. Especially with the upcoming holidays.

If some of you remember, the old roof design was the traditional cross hatched and the colour was a dull red/orangish. It has been replaced with a vivid amber colour and new/modern design. You’d be forgiven to think it is another place altogether! Many have actually said this.

When the Transit Camp’s committee was deciding the roof’s material, it was not easy at all. Presented to us was three high quality material and several superb designs to go with it. In the end, the decision was in favour for the modern and vivid design. But with the roofing restoration now fully completed. Many won’t complain about the chosen design and material.

Once again, we’d like to give credits (when credits are due!) to the roofing contractor who donated their time and materials to make the makeover a reality. To those who are attending Transit Camp this year would no doubt appreciate the work done by this awesome local business.